Here is a wonderful song and associated notes and music – kindly passed on by Megan Laurie-Thomson.

I know that many of you are also music teachers and that you often use music in your classes – so I thought you might like this music and the song. “The song is a collaborative creation by music teachers, students, Yuggera elders and a music producer as part of a project – we would love to see it shared. Please contact your local Elders to have the chorus translated into the language of your country if you are not on Yuggera land.”

The resources include a guide to saying the Yuggera language, which is fascinating. It made me think of Malaguzzi’s 100 Languages of children in Reggio Emilia.

The sound files can be heard at

Yuggera Djarra-Na Song Booklet

If you have any questions – just ask. I can put you in touch with Megan.