Activity – What Anglicans believe about themselves


See the collection of statements gathered from a diverse group of Anglicans, children, young people, clergy, elderly, long-time Anglicans and new. The statements discuss aspects of the Anglican experience that each person particularly appreciates.  Arrange the statements into categories. If you need a clue, see the list of category suggestions below.


Ask groups to peruse the cards and arrange them into categories, see if you can get seven in all.  Encourage group discussion as you make sorting decisions.

 Individuals and groups

Think about the challenges of the categorising activity.  Did you find categorising these statements difficult? See the list below and note any differences in the categories you came up with.

  • Worship
  • Common prayer
  • Doctrines of creation and the incarnation
  • Reason and common sense
  • Diversity
  • The life of the imagination
  • Sacraments

The list is drawn from the book, Meet the Family by Patricia Bays (ISBN 1-55145-073-9). It features in greater detail in another activity.

Download Worksheet: What Anglicans believe about themselves.

Activity – Getting acquainted

Patricia Bays’ book Meet the Family is a great introduction to the experience and reasoning of a modern Anglican. This passage summarises her experience of Anglicanism over the course of her life so far. Take a look and see if you have any similar experiences.

I was immediately drawn to the Anglican Church by its worship — the orderly pattern of common prayer, the richness of its music and symbolism.

I have remained an Anglican, have studied and taught theology, and been involved with the life of the Anglican Church at many levels — parish, diocesan, national and international.

My life as a member of this church has brought me a great diversity and richness of experience. I love the Anglican Church and am committed to living and working within this family.

Read through the passages in the download about different elements of Anglican life.


If you are working individually, respond to the questions by making notes, by drawing or use other creative media.


If you are working in groups, use the discussion questions to start conversations about life in the Anglican community.

Download Activity:  Getting Acquainted