The vocation of Anglican Schools is education driven by a vision of humanity shaped by the image of God made visible in Jesus, present in every human being. Every person everywhere is made in the image and likeness of God, is wholly loved, unconditionally and is called into neighbourliness for the good of the earth and all therein. We are addressed by truth and are called to respond. We are addressed by love, justice, compassion, wisdom and called to respond. These are all names for God who comes to us in person through Jesus.

What should characterise an ideal Anglican School? Many of its qualities of course will be shared with good schools everywhere, whether run by the State or by denominational churches. An ideal school would evidence a commitment to learning, to justice, to individual achievement and to wholeness. Anglican Schools will naturally values these qualities. What might be the unique marks of an Anglican identity? There are six and these are outlined in the Ethos 2020 document.

In short, Education in the Anglican tradition is about light and liberation.