Establishing Context: where do we fit in?

In this part you will begin to gain an understanding of the breadth and depth of Anglicanism. You will do so by examining the spirituality, history, and organisational structures of the Anglican Church. As well you will explore the vision, mission, and values of Anglican schools in general, and your own in specifics.

The aim of this part is to enable you to develop a picture of just where you fit into the Anglican Church and its mission. This will involve a perspective gained from examination of the global context down to your own micro level.


Before you begin consider these questions. Jot down an answer for each one.
  1. Imagine that you are at a dinner party and a new acquaintance asks you where you work. You reply that you work at an Anglican School. They ask “What is Anglican?”What do you reply? There are many different ways to experience the Anglican Church, and you may have had a lot or relatively little experience of the Anglican community. This is all fine! We can all contribute to the conversation with our own experience.
  2. The Anglican Church is one way to express and experience the community of God. Have a think about other ways people find out about God. In what other ways do humans know about or experience the divine?
Download Reflection: What is Anglican?

Video 1.1: What is Anglican?

Video 1.2 The Lambeth Quadrilateral

1.3 The Journey So Far