You are being addressed

A message for the incredible class of 2020

Make no mistake: You are being addressed. Something bigger than your chaplain

or school

or schooling

is calling you.

You are being addressed from over the horizon. Listen. It is a song,

A call to come and live.

It is the call of love.

It is the call of compassion

or justice, or beauty, or simply, the call into reality.

There are plenty of reasons not to hear this call. And you know many of them.

Once, there was a mob of hominids

            crammed onto a couch inside a cave

            where they were silent and transfixed

by the shadowy movement of figures on a wall;

a captivating screen that seduced them all.

But one was curious.

One was irresistibly drawn away from the screen,

and past the fiery projection and outside the cave

into the world beyond.

There she found out what it was to be truly transfixed.

And here she froze, with fear.

Not a fear for herself.

Fear for the others.

She ran back to the cave and called out.

She addressed them saying:

“Come, it is real. See for yourself.’

Students. You have been addressed and you will always be addressed. You are being addressed right now.

You are being addressed by love.

But love is not an idea. Love is a person.

You are being addressed by compassion.

But compassion is not an idea. Compassion is a person.

You are being addressed by truth.

But truth is not an idea. Truth is a person.

In the tradition in which we stand, this person has a name. Jesus, comes to us from over the horizon and addresses all. Jesus is the face and heart and hand of God’s perfect love. Wherever you go, Jesus cover you with a sheltering arm, and guide you into all you are called to be, and into the fullness of what is to be, that by your being, you would be a gift to each other

and the world that God has made and loves.

Students. Here you stand, resplendent. And you are being addressed. Do not be afraid. Move forwards, into the horizon, and the invitation.             Come.             There is a place, born of silence             Out beyond ideas of wrong and right doing;             A field – lets meet there             Where the soul lies down in that grass and the world is too full to talk about.             Come. (Rumi)